The HEALTHY FOOD GUIDE AWARDS are the credible and definitive guide to the most nutritious food products on supermarket shelves, brought to you by Healthy Food Guide magazine.

Finding healthy food products in the supermarket can be a tricky business. So, we’ve done the hard work for you! Our team of dietitians have closely analysed hundreds of brands across 20 major food categories to discover the most nutritious and best value-for-money products.

See the finalists and winners!

See below for the full list of finalists, plus the winner and Readers’ Choice in each category.
There are 20 categories in total.

Best Snack Bar

With hundreds of snack bars on shelves, it’s no wonder people are overwhelmed! We’ve compiled the top packaged snack bars, muesli bars, nut bars, and dried fruit/nut bars. On our radar was a bar that is high in fibre and low in sugar – and these all deliver!

Best Packaged Sweet Snack

The ideal snack satisfies in-between meal cravings and gives you sustained energy. While minimally processed foods, like whole fruit, vegetables and nuts are exceptional snacks, sometimes you need the convenience of a packaged snack. Our finalists will satisfy your sweet tooth, and provide nutrients such as fibre and protein. They’re also impressively low in added sugar, and are well portioned.

Best Packaged Savoury Snack

Research shows that the combination of salt and fat is incredibly moreish, making savoury snacks like salty chips and crackers easy to overeat. Our finalists are healthy alternatives, loaded with hunger-busting fibre thanks to the goodness of grains, seeds or legumes. Enjoy these snacks on their own, or add crunchy vegetable sticks for a balanced between-meal bite. They’re even great for next time you have guests!

Best Packaged Kids' Lunch Box Snack

Snacks are important to help kids refuel throughout the day, but it can be tricky to find nutritious packaged snacks that the kids love, too. To make it easy for busy mums and dads, we’ve found the healthiest store-bought snacks to pop into school lunchboxes.

Best Allergy-friendly Snack

The health-food aisle has exploded with exciting new products in recent years, which is great news for people with food allergies or intolerances. But, gluten free doesn’t always equate to healthy. We’ve highlighted top snacks that are gluten-free, nut-free and/or dairy-free, so no one has to miss out!

Best Spread/Dip

Many dips and tasty spreads can be a surprising source of kilojoules, fat, sugar and/or sodium. So we’ve looked at ready-to-eat spreads and dips, particularly the sodium content, to help you pick ones that have less than 400mg per 100g.

Best yoghurt

From plain to fruit-flavoured, Greek-style or high-protein, there is literally something for everyone in the yoghurt category. We love yoghurt as a high-protein, high-calcium snack or paired with muesli and fruit for a hunger-busting breakfast. Our finalists are all high in bone-strengthening calcium and low in sugar.

Best Breakfast Cereal

There are more than 450 cereals on supermarket shelves, so you can be forgiven for being confused about making the best choices. To help you start the day right, we’ve picked four finalists with exceptional nutritional profiles that represent the different types of breakfast you may enjoy, from porridge and muesli to classic shredded wheat.

Best Milk/Milk Alternative

With so many milks and dairy-free alternatives on the supermarket shelves, making a healthy choice can feel confusing. That’s why we’ve compiled the best chilled or shelf-stable milk or dairy-free alternatives to make your breakfast as nutritious as possible.

Best Vegetarian/Plant-based Food

Evidence shows that swapping meat for other forms of protein a couple of times a week has huge benefits for your health. So whether you’re a full-time vegetarian, or just looking for tasty options for meat-free meals, this year’s finalists are all versatile ingredients that will boost the nutritional value of any meal.

Best Pantry Staple

Our mission at HFG is to make healthy eating easy, so if you’re trying to save time in the kitchen, add our finalists to your shopping trolley. These staples will make healthy cooking a breeze, plus they offer big nutritional benefits, from heart-healthy fats to satisfying fibre. Don your apron!

Best Allergy-Friendly Pantry Staple

Deserving of its own category this year, there are plenty of new options around for those who need to follow special diets. We are always on the lookout for high-fibre, gluten-free versions of pasta, bread and cereal, plus these products are versatile enough for the whole family to enjoy.

Best Ready-made Meal

There’s nothing wrong with keeping a few convenience meals on hand for those nights when you don’t feel like cooking. In fact we’re excited by how far these meals have come nutritionally. Our finalists are made with nutritious, high-fibre ingredients such as whole grains and legumes, so they will really satisfy your appetite. Some you will find in the freezer, others will be in the chilled section.

Best Beverage

While nothing quite beats water to quench your thirst, these drinks offer a refreshing change depending on your mood – from iced coffee to gut-friendly kombucha and kilojoule-free fruity refreshments. Cheers!

Best Freezer Staple

Fill your freezer with these healthy staples for when you are short on time. Frozen fruit is perfect for smoothies and frozen fish and veg is handy for busy weeknights. All our finalists are the best in their field, offering both nutrition and convenience.

Best Bread

Fibre? Tick! Wholegrains? Tick! Gut friendly? Tick! These superb loaves of bread tick all of the boxes and deserve a place in your shopping trolley.

Best Sandwich Alternative

A stroll down the bread aisle will tell you there are plenty of other options beyond sliced bread. Wraps, rolls and thins are a great way to keep lunchtime interesting for kids and adults. We’ve picked products loaded with grains and seeds to ensure you get more bang for your buck when it comes to hunger-busting fibre

Best Baking Staple

What does every avid home baker need? Our four finalists, that’s what! From flour and cocoa to tasty blends of nuts and seeds, you will be whipping up a range of healthy baked goods with these dietitian-approved products.

Best Canned Staple

Stock your pantry with these handy canned goods to create a healthy, balanced meal in a hurry We’ve chosen low-sodium options that provide valuable nutrients like calcium, fibre and healthy fats! Plus, they’re reasonable priced, proving that eating well doesn’t have to cost a fortune.

Best Frozen Dessert

With summer around the corner, we searched the freezer aisle for healthy frozen treats that will keep you cool on hot days. Full of fruity flavours and light on kilojoules, these picks will satisfy your sweet tooth!