Brooke Delfino

Healthy Food Guide editor, Brooke Longfield, is across the latest nutrition research and food trends and keeps her eyes peeled for the newest and best products in supermarkets. Brooke is also an Accredited Practising Dietitian and is a regular guest on radio.

Dr Joanna McMillan

One of Australia’s best-known nutritionists and dietitians, Dr Joanna McMillan, appears regularly on the Today show on the Nine Network, and is founder of healthy eating program Get Lean. She is the creator of healthy lifestyle website, Dr Joanna.

Catherine Saxelby

Nutritionist and dietitian Catherine Saxelby has sold almost half a million copies of her book Nutrition for Life. Her latest book, Complete Food and Nutrition Companion was released this year, and she is a regular contributor to Healthy Food Guide. Catherine is also the creator of the popular blog Foodwatch.

Melissa Meier

Healthy Food Guide‘s resident dietitian, Melissa Meier, publishes reviews of the most nutritious foods in HFG. Melissa is author of many of the magazine’s most popular nutrition guides, providing practical, evidence-based advice on how to eat well.